ProFactor T-2000 Review — SHOCKING Bad Side Effects Any?

The use of supplements is growing more and more popular in combination with workouts and ProFactor T-200 is the latest product available on the market. Everyone knows that no matter how much you work out and how dedicated you are it’s a slow process. The results don’t come nearly as quickly as you would like and over time you realize that your endurance simply doesn’t cut it, you can’t concentrate, and in overall the results are simply far too slow. Many people give up at this point as it really does take a special kind of dedication to really pull through and achieve your workout goals.

With that said, many have actually turned to supplements. There are many supplements that have the ability to give you that extra boost to get more out of your workout by increasing your endurance, giving you more energy, allowing you to concentrate on your workout longer, and in general giving you much faster results for the same amount of effort. Unfortunately though, right alongside many of these supplements many scams have also littered the market and finding a supplement that is effective, safe, and not just another scam to waste your money on is difficult.

In this review I will not try to sway you to purchase this product, convince you it’s a scam, or offer you an alternative. I just want to lay down all of the information I have gathered including testimonials from various forums of people that have actually tried it and hopefully provide you with enough information to decide for yourself.

What is the ProFactor T-200?

This is a pre-workout supplement consisting of all natural ingredients. It is a proprietary blend of ingredients, which, unfortunately, are not provided in full. The supplement is developed in order to maximize your workout and the results. They claim that when taking this supplement you will be able to build extreme muscle. It will boost your overall workout endurance allowing you to work out in much longer sets and overall duration. In addition, your overall performance in the gym will be improved dramatically allowing you the energy and power to reach your goals faster. The key point of this supplement, as per the official website, is to boost your overall lean muscle gain all by means of an all-natural formula without any fillers.

The effective ingredients in the supplement, as per the official website, help maximize your workout and the results. They consist of essentials that your body requires in order to help you get faster results, workout with more endurance, and stay concentrated. Especially formulated for men, it is developed to improve overall performance and give you that extra boost to get the results you seek.

The official website differs little from the numerous other websites offering similar products. There are a few things that worry me though. Their trial limit of 250 per day is obviously a push for time to encourage you to order without thinking and the need to rush and the overall structure of the website looks quite familiar. Unfortunately, many of the scam websites I have reviewed in the past have more or less the same structure and same promises nearly word for word. This does not necessarily mean that this is a scam though as many of the legitimate supplement product websites have started mimicking the marketing used by some of the scams out there because their tactics are actually working much better than straightforward honesty and standard direct sales.

I like that they have skipped over adding testimonials because at this point I am certain that there is no one out there that actually believes any of them, which at least shows that they aren’t simply looking to impress without being able to prove what they write is true.

How does ProFactor T-2000 Work?

Before I get into this I think it’s important to note the ingredients that I was able to find on this supplement. I have searched high and low but was unable to find a supplement facts for this product which would have been a great help as I think the most important thing to selecting a supplement is knowing all of the ingredients. I highly recommend that in case you really are interested in this product you contact them and get an image of the supplement facts because only that way you can be sure if the product really is safe and effective.

The ingredients they do list are L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and L- Norvaline. I was unable to find any other listed supplements neither on the official website or 3rd party websites which is rather unfortunate as it would have helped greatly.

The official website goes into detail mainly about L-Arginine and its abilities to boost Nitric Oxide. There are studies that show that Arginine is converted to NO. Nitric Oxide is known to widen blood vessels allowing for improved blood flow thus allowing for more nutrients and oxygen to reach muscles. It aids in the stimulation of the human growth hormone which improves the growth of muscles and speeds up the results from your workout. It is also known to stimulate insulin and a number of other important substances in the body. The official website continues by discussing how it is a key amino acid which can actually be obtained from foods we eat such as fish, poultry, red meat, and dairy products. It can also be produced in a lab where it is then used in numerous supplements for improving workout performance.

In addition to this L-Arginine is claimed to improve blood and vessel conditions such as chest pain, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and high blood pressure along with reducing leg pain due to blocked arteries, erectile dysfunction, decreased mental capacity, male infertility, and more.

These are all great benefits of L-Arginine and if all of them were really proven it would really be great. Unfortunately, many of the listed benefits by the official website have inconclusive studies or have been studied so little that they are not proven. The ingredient really is used widely in male enhancement supplements but it is still being researched to confirm whether it really can improve exercise performance in general.

It is also important to note here that L-Arginine does have some possible side effects. As the studies on it have only been short term it is not conclusive whether it is safe for long-term use. The possible side effects include low blood pressure, worsening of asthma, airway inflammation, allergies, blood abnormalities, gout, diarrhea, bloating, and abdominal pain.

The second ingredient they discuss is L-Citrulline. They claim that it is considered one of the most powerful products when it comes to workout supplementation. It is actually the amino acids in the ingredient that are the key to building muscles. They improve endurance and give you more strength by boosting protein synthesis. These claims however, are also inconclusive and some studies even claim that it may even cause individuals to get exhausted quicker by taking it. Still it stands as one of the most commonly used ingredients in similar supplements and numerous people are very happy with the results so perhaps the studies missed something, not to mention that they aren’t very many as of yet. With that said, the supplement is actually quite safe and there are no possible side effects reported.

The last ingredient, L-Norvaline is not discussed at all. The only thing that they mention about it is that it helps build lean muscle. I was not able to find it in any of my trusted resources but the one detailed post that I found about it states that it is an amino acid and a form of the BCAA valine. It is commonly used to boost muscle growth as it is claimed to play a role in nitric oxide and pre-workouts. The resource that I found on this ingredient claims that it will help you get longer and stronger pumps (studies prove 60% improvement) which allow you to recover faster and give you more power. The downside of this ingredient is that it reduces blood pressure because it increases blood flow. In some cases this can be beneficial if you generally have high blood pressure, but if you have regular blood pressure or worse yet, low blood pressure, this could be a problem. Those suffering from low blood pressure could have serious health problems by taking a supplement with this ingredient as it will drop even lower. Some possible symptoms of low blood pressure in combination with this ingredient are dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and lightheadedness.

Overall, the ingredients are acceptable. Neither of the 3 is actually really proven to improve workout performance but there are signs that they could really be effective just more research is needed. If you do not have low blood pressure you should be in the clear to take this supplement without any worry except for perhaps some of the possible side effects of L-Arginine. What really bothers me is the lack of a full list of ingredients so as to confirm that the supplement as a whole would be safe to take.

If you feel that this may be the supplement for you I highly recommend you speak with your doctor first before even ordering because they are well aware of any underlying health problems and can consult you as to whether this really is the ideal option. Also, if you do purchase it make sure you run the full list of ingredients by your doctor (and if possible take a picture and send it to me so I can add it here).

Regardless what numerous possibilities this website promises the most important thing to remember is that you will not have results unless you still continue to put in the effort. That will not change. You must push yourself to the limit, workout hard, and eat a good diet. The only difference with this supplement, or any other out there, is that you will see results faster. It will not magically give you muscles if you sit on the couch all day.

The instructions to taking ProFactor T-2000 include taking 2 tablets approximately 30 minutes before your workout. Continue with your regular workout regime and make sure you keep to a healthy diet. Taking a supplement is not a means to slack but a means to push yourself harder.

Buying ProFactor T-2000

Here is where they kind of lost me. First, the website worked just find a couple of days ago and I decided again now before I complete the review to check through everything one last time and am getting an error message when going through the order process. I am hoping that this is only a temporary problem.

In reality, what really turned me off is their trial offer. You pay the shipping now and then when the trial is over you pay the full price of $89.95. You are also signed up for their auto ship program where you will receive a new supply every month and charged accordingly. Yes, if you read the terms & conditions you would have known this and many people wouldn’t feel scammed, but the fact is that they do and that they are not open about the terms of their trial which is shady. So, before you order anything at all, make sure you read through the terms, especially if it seems like you are getting something nearly for free.

The Verdict?

As mentioned in the beginning of this review the goal is to provide you with as much possible information about this product. This will help you at least get an idea of whether this product really is right for you and if you want to continue with ordering it. I highly recommend that you take your research beyond this review as perhaps someone has a more detailed review of ProFactor T-2000 but most importantly consult with your doctor as their word should be what really decides in the end because your health is most important.

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