My First Online Payday Dangerous Scam Exposed! Read Before Try

Ok, so with the First Online Payday website I realized that my research has led me in two different directions. Just recently a new scam was revealed  also called My First Online Payday, only it deals with binary options. This is yet another disgusting scam that is luring innocent people into wasting their hard earned money on investment in binary options. THIS is not the same thing. This particular website is based on affiliates and making money as an affiliate.

Name: My First Online Payday


Type of Software: Affiliate/ Network Marketing

Potential Profits: $250-$500 Daily

Cost: $25 NON-REFUNDABLE Charge

This website seems interesting, but I dare not get excited because even the best looking websites tend to be proven scams. I have been reviewing various online money making systems and am very disappointed with the lack of real options out there. People are getting swindled left and right, and I am not talking about $25. I am talking about sums in the thousands. It’s a dangerous game and if you lose you don’t lose only money but your dignity as well. Don’t be the joke of the party, research what you invest in so you aren’t sorry afterwards.

What is My First Online Payday

So, I am not saying this is it, but it definitely is not the obvious criminal scam that I have seen done over again and again. At least they aren’t terrible at lying as they do not try and sell it to you aggressively, just give facts and that’s it. They exaggerate at times I think, but they don’t try and shove it down your throat which is quite impressive.

Although there is a sad amount of information provided, I get the idea that this is associated with affiliate marketing and network marketing where you basically spam people and harass them. No job is great though right? The system is not faulty as I have seen it work many times over and people really are making a lot of money with affiliate marketing. Just take a look at all the positive articles for dreadful scam websites that have been proven time and again to be nothing more than unintelligent and uncreative scams. If they keep going with these positive reviews obviously they are making some sort of money right?

Basically, this is a website where you are provided with information and training on becoming an affiliate and earning money through sending out emails, doing social media posts, and basically getting people to click links to visit websites and sign up. You basically have to become scum to make money as horrible as that sounds. This is because you will  most likely be advertising products and services which you may not necessarily choose for yourself and know well enough may be a scam. With that said, we all have to eat. Now, the question is whether you really can make money with this software or you are simply wasting your time and money with another unreliable, questionable, and disgusting scam.

The Facts

Well, as creative as the idea may seem, it has been done many times before. The unfortunate thing is that the website isn’t really that transparent and they obviously use very bad Fiverr actors that have been recycled a lot over the last year. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, but it’s definitely not a good sign.

The good thing is that the price is only $25. They aren’t asking for a $250 investment or some other frightful price. I think anyone that has an interest can put aside $25 and give it a shot. The problem with these types of systems is very clear though. They claim  its super easy and you can do it on autopilot but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it will require a lot of dedication, reading, research, quite a bit of online marketing and overall computer knowledge, and in general time in order to succeed. Yes, you may make a buck or two here and there, but the results they are talking about require dedication. Reading through all the provided literature and training, and perhaps even investing some money in advertising.

The key here is proper online marketing and paid advertising is the fastest and best way to get a return. You can make money with free ads and without putting more into it (this doesn’t go into the system) you will still make a meager amount of money, but if you jump you better jump with both feet or you’ve wasted your money.

Why I DON’T Like My First Online Payday

In general, the idea behind it ok. The website is shoddy. Between their use of Fiverr actors for their testimonials and fake Facebook posts (found their Facebook and aside from a bunch of people confused between this and the binary options software I couldn’t find the numerous “positive” posts they have shared on the website) they have lost me completely as far as trust goes. Still, they are not asking for a lot of money and there really is potential there.

They don’t reveal the kind of dedication and real work behind it. They make it seem like a point and click kind of work that takes minutes, or as they say, on autopilot. That’s impossible and you will not be able to make that kind of money without putting something into it.

The information they will provide you with you can find online. You just have to know the right questions to ask. On one hand, yes, you will find it free, on the other, you will save a lot of time spending $25 to get your foot in the door and wrap your head around the world of online marketing. Though it seems rather simple, once you jump into it, its stressful, competitive, and sometimes questionable.

The Verdict on My First Online Payday

Again, I want to underline that I am NOT reviewing a binary options software. I think this could be a useful tool to get into affiliate and network marketing. With a small price of $25 it may be a good place to start if you are new to online marketing. On the other hand, My First Online Payday does bring up a few red flags that worry me so do proper research, read forums, and talk to people before providing them with your billing information.

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