LA Skincare Serum Review — Read Review Before Try!

Here we go again, another skincare product, LA Skincare, has hit the market. They are popping up every week now which makes selecting one even harder. It has gotten to the point where you really have no idea where to look and what to trust. It is unfortunately because I am certain there are plenty that are great quality but the sheer number of them makes it impossible to pinpoint which ones are.

Beauty standards change but definitely, no woman wants to feel as if she has aged. No woman enjoys looking at herself in the mirror seeing wrinkles, spots, dark circles, and in general, aged skin. This is why companies offering these types of products will never be out of business.

What is LA Skincare?

This is another beauty product that is claimed to have anti-aging properties and the ability to reverse aged skin. It provides your skin with the necessities to have brighter skin as it restores it and makes it firmer all the while smoothing out the fine lines. All great benefits but the question really is, does it work and how?

As your skin consists 75% of water and collagen the daily exposure to  UVB and UVA radiation causes fine lines, wrinkles, and pots. With collagen production dropping as we age as production is reduced more and more fine lines and wrinkles form.

There are numerous anti-aging products on the market, but unfortunately many of them use fragments of hydrolyzed collagen with molecules that are simply too large for the skin to absorb properly. This results in less than impressive outcomes. What the developers of LA Skincare claim is that their product not only provides whole collagen molecules for the skin but the serum is rich in peptides and it not only rejuvenates but rebuilds.

What to Expect with LA Skincare

As with all of these types of products, there are very high expectations that they prepare you for. Certainly, far more than they actually deliver if you ask me. Even the best products exaggerate on the possible results mainly because they take their absolute best possible results and list those, unfortunately, not all skin is the same, and thus, not everyone will experience the same amazing results as listed. Still, this is what the developers of LA Skincare claim you will experience with their product:

  • Elimination of Dar Circles – your dark circles and under eye puffiness will be reduced in visibility by means of the restored nourishment through hydration.
  • Reduction of Wrinkle Appearance – collagen and elastin boost aids in the proper maintenance of the dermal structure which ensures that fine lines are reduced.
  • Boost Hydration of Skin – ingredients in the product facilitate in keeping moisture within the skin longer thus preventing cracking and ensuring proper hydration
  • Counters the Effects of Stress – prevents free radical damage and boosts immunity of skin to free radical damage by eliminating debris which makes skin discolored, dull, and dry.

Of course, all of this is possible without expensive laser treatments, painful injections, and unpleasant surgery.

They go into further detail about how the skin gets to the state that in the end requires treatment with such a product. Mainly your age is what leads to this but there are definitely other factors as well. Over the years it loses elasticity and dries. With the reduction of collage production, the breakdown of collagen, and factors such as sun damage, free radicals, and even wind and general dryness, the skin simply requires more nourishment than before. The skin sags, wrinkles form, and spots become visible.

 What is in LA Skincare Serum?

They provide absolutely no information at first glance about the ingredients in this product. They spend so much time actually marketing it that they overlooked the most important part for actually selling the product. With numerous claims, at least some links to trials or anything in general actually backing them they would have far more success, at least by my standards.

What I did find was some information on ingredients by means of links, somewhat difficult to see, at the very bottom of the page. These links lead to two possible signs of ingredients (somewhat indirectly mentioned).

  • Gatuline In-Tense – this ingredient aids in the natural filling properties of the skin. It stimulates fibroblast biomechanical functions and aids in the reorganization of the dermis architecture. You will see an enhancement of the firmness and density of the skin all the while a reduction of its roughness. The ingredient is derived from a plant called Spilanthes acmella (aka Paracress) and is an oily extract from its upper part.
  • Argireline – this is a synthetic peptide. It has shown great promise in reducing facial wrinkles by means of a study conducted with 60 subjects over the span of 4 weeks. The study showed efficiency by 48.9% improvement in the roughness of the skin.

Generally, this is actually very little to go by, but both have been proven to be effective and are actively used in some of the leading products on the market.  Though the rest of the ingredients are not listed, they are more than enough to provide you with results.

Buying LA Skincare Serum

This product can be purchased only through their Free Trial Offer. Mind you, this means you pay only $4.95 for shipping and then receive a full month supply. The catch is that the trial is only for 14 days. If you do not call and cancel, and return your product within the given time, you will be charged the full price of $89.41. If you still do not cancel, you will continue receiving the product every single month and charged the full price plus shipping. If you ask me. Even if this product is effective, I think it is a bit overpriced.

The Verdict on LA Skincare Serum

Personally, I would not order this mainly because the price is just so high. I do not see myself spending that kind of money a month for a cream that I am 100% sure will not make me look that much younger. I am certain it works, but it’s just too much for me, not to mention that I am no fan of trial offers and auto shopping programs. With that said, if you feel the price is within your budget I don’t see a reason why not to try out LA Skincare Serum, just make sure you know exactly the date that you must contact them to prevent unnecessary charges if you do not want to keep it.

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