Formula Focus Review — Shocking Side Effects Revelead!

A friend asked me about Formula Focus because they know I have had some experience with supplements and the numerous unbelievable scams out there. It’s very sad that at this point you aren’t even looking at the quality of the product as much as you are trying to figure out of the company selling it is shady and looking to rob you blind. In reality, you cannot really know the effects of a product without trying it, but if you feel that once you have ordered your identity and bank account are at risk then it’s simply not worth it.

This product seems as promising as the next one mainly because they simply provide no verifiable information. I am tired of the relentless scams and unsatisfactory products and companies we have to deal with on a daily basis trying to find something of decent quality. Today you will find far more rotten, corrupt, and criminal websites selling unsatisfactory, questionable, and suspicious products than actually something worth spending your money on.

What is Formula Focus?

This is nothing more than another claimed nootropic that will boost your memory, concentration, and focus. Thy claim it will unlock your brain to its full potential with percentages such as 89.2% boost of brain power and an unbelievable 121% increase in focus. Obviously, these numbers are completely made up regardless how they claim that these are based on clinical studies. Unfortunately, no sign of a link to claimed clinical studies is provided which leaves me with the negative impression that its nothing more than a marketing sham to push me to buy.

Actually, this website is filled with similar crappy marketing tactics. At the very top of the page they have the audacity to claim that due to high media demand the product will be available only until midnight, and even added images of media logos to back it up. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this is actually true as no links are provided with these logos, and after a quick and rather unnecessary research I confirmed that the are in no way associated with this product.

Though the product may actually prove to be effective, as they usually do to an extent, the problem is that the website shows every shade of shady. I mean, from copy paste information about the brain and in general claims that are not backed by real information you are given nothing more than marketing tricks and lies.

What I DIDN’T Like about Formula Focus

I think it’s pretty clear that I did not like the fact that their website lacks all necessary information. I mean, seriously, how do they expect anyone to fall for their menacing claims which have proven to be an insidious problem for numerous other websites. I think it’s pretty clear that this kind of marketing doesn’t sell, or at least it should.

But it does. If it didn’t they wouldn’t continue doing it. What I think really bothers me most is the fact that they lack all information on the ingredients. There is no way to find out the ingredients and whether they are harmful, will make you ill, or will actually be damaging to your brain rather than beneficial. Also, the doses are key when it comes to supplements such as these as when under dosed there is little to no effect, when overdosed they can actually be dangerous.

Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to natural ingredient they can be very dangerous. Do not confuse eating a salad with natural ingredients. Websites like these like to make it seem as if natural ingredients are things you consume every day, but for the most part it’s a bunch of strange roots, extracts, and powders that in fact have not been researched in depth. This means that there can be alarming adverse side effects when not dosed right, and unfavorable results. Don’t misunderstand me, I have no problem with supplements and am well aware of the different types of ingredients used for brain supplements in general, so I am more or less sure that the ingredients here aren’t necessarily dangerous. The problem is that most of them have not had research beyond 3 months. With that said, if you do decide to order, please look over the label, research the ingredients, and make sure you do not use in excess especially after consulting with your doctor.

What I LIKED about Formula Focus

Aside from the standard marketing crap that I think we always deal with when it comes to buying something online, I think this may be an effective supplement. The reason? It’s no different than many of the others on the market today. Many of which have proven to be somewhat effective. Do not expect what they are claiming, your IQ will not skyrocket and you will not have above 100% focus, however you measure that. But, you may experience a slight increase in mental and physical energy, may remember things better, focus a bit better, etc.

Another thing I liked is there is no frightful and contradictory trial offer. You simply order how many bottles you want and the price is actually halfway decent.  A good sign you are dealing with a criminal and a worthless website is when you see a product like this selling for nearly $100 a bottle, of course, after a trial offer. In this case you have 3 options and no shady trial:

  • 2 Bottles – $48.95 per bottle – $97.90
  • 3 Bottles – $46.95 per bottle – $93.90
  • 5 Bottles – $35.95 per bottle – $179.75

Like I said, pretty decent price. I wish they would have had a 1 bottle option but I think we can deal with it. Find a friend, order with them, do not order 2 for yourself as you may end up kicking yourself for it later.

The Verdict on Formula Focus

It’s hard to say really. I hate the website and am disgusted by the lack of information. They got me fuming with their “Real stories. Real Results” part where it sees as if they actually invested in some Fiverr actors but in fact just used some pictures, added their logo, and made it seem like a video of testimonials. Still, these days, you shouldn’t judge a product based on the fact that their marketing team was lazy and uncreative. I think that you should research Formula Focus more, try and find some information on the ingredients, speak with your doctor, and after that decide whether it’s the right thing for you.

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