Do Not Try «BrainieX» — Shocking Bad Side Effects Revealed

BrainieX Supplement Honest Review – Read before you buy!

If you have ever considered a supplement, then BrainieX claim to be the ideal one for your brain. Its rather sad that in this day and age the only option people seem to turn to is supplementation when in fact you can easily get results with simple lifestyle changes. Many supplements are developed that are unsatisfactory and even dangerous for simple things as boosting cognitive performance while you can get results by changing your diet and reducing everyday stress on the brain. Of course, it’s a business and people like to get results fast and even worse, its unregulated and completely out of control. People think that if its offered online or if it has several media outlet logos plastered on the website it is safe, but in fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As the FDA does not regulate supplements chances are that a supplement may not deliver the expected results, may make you ill, or depressed, or even have dreadful side effects. But, since they have clearly let you know that you cannot expect the same results as claimed in the website and you should speak with your doctor before taking the supplement in their Terms & Condition they are in the clear and you have only yourself to blame. Not all supplement products are bad though, and not all are proven scams that are ineffective and even dangerous. Which category does BrainieX fall under?

About BrainieX

The website is definitely not a source for any realistic information. They basically cover the possible benefits of the product such as boosting energy and focus, long and short term memory, as well as being all natural. This really says very little about the product considering every shady website out there brings out such benefits and claims to be the best. It’s very tragic that they have such lack of creativity and have been so lazy to actually simply copy numerous other similar websites.

Why would anyone need this type of supplement anyway? Well, technically, you don’t need this or any other supplement. You can easily fix the problem by improving your diet, getting better sleep, and reducing stress. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this as it requires a major change in lifestyle. The brain suffers mainly due to the types of food you eat and the everyday stress. On top of that, as you age brain cells die and you start to experience lag in memory, concentration, and overall performance. You can start experiencing this horrible process as early as your 30’s though this number is an average, it can be much earlier or later. You may not notice at first but at one point you will realize that you simply cannot perform as you did a couple of years ago. It’s frustrating, depressing, and draining trying to fight with your own brain.

There are hundreds of similar supplements out there, so why this one?  That’s a good question. There are plenty of things I didn’t like about the official website. These things are more damaging to their image than anything else. Their lack of creativity and real information are the worst. There is nothing about the ingredients and about how this product actually works. They have complete lack of creativity and have completely copied other websites word for word which means that either this is a scam or simply that they have nothing more to offer than the rest. What is sad is that most of the other products out there dreadfully lack in quality and effect, so either way it’s not a good sign for them.

By spending just another 20 minutes on the website to provide just a bit more quality information instead of the crappy excuse for a website they may have had much better luck in actually being successful. If they can’t take the time to make their website better quality imagine how they treat their customers.

Now, with that said, there is no guarantee that this product is ineffective. I actually have long stopped judging a product based on the website because they have proven time and again that they are complete idiots when it comes to quality marketing and providing information. The key is to research as much as you can before ordering and understanding that they always exaggerate when they try to sell you something.

Buying BrainieX

Another dreadfully horrid part of this website and product is their disgusting excuse for a free trial. It’s tragic that in order to trick people into re-ordering that they have to have an auto ship program. Tricking people with a free trial does not gain you points, you lose points this way, a LOT of points. They offer a 15 day trial but send you a 30 day supply. If you don’t read the terms you are stuck with this full months’ supply and the horrid charge that comes with it. Not to mention that once you do order and do not cancel in time you will receive a new supply every single month. Now, do you really want to pay for something month after month when you most likely aren’t even using it?

ALWAYS read the terms and conditions especially when they are offering something “free”. In this case, they do provide some information on the purchase page, in the form of tiny and illegible font well-hidden at the bottom. Do not fall for it and always read the terms. If you like the product, great, it could be of benefit, but it’s not for everyone.

The Verdict on BrainieX

I hate the website, I hate the marketing, and I hate the trial offer. In general, I hate everything about the product except for the product itself. It’s very sad that it has come to this because I am almost certain that there may be some positive effect from taking this product, as there always is with such products. The problem is the website does the exact opposite of selling it. People are ticked into buying BrainieX which is what’s frustrating, when in fact, I am sure it can really sell itself if the proper information is given.

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