Can We Drink Horlicks For Weight Loss?

Can we drink horlicks for weight loss? The question has been asked and answered over the years. But despite the myriad of health claims associated with the cure, the bottom line remains the same – only you can decide if it will help you lose weight or not. If the answer is yes, then count yourself among the many thousands of individuals who are convinced that a glass of red wine with dinner can aid in their battle with the bulge. Here are some of the main reasons why drinking such beverages may help you loose weight.

It is true that alcohol has been linked to causing a sedentary lifestyle. But this does not necessarily mean that you cannot drink alcohol whilst on a healthy diet. You just need to be sure that you limit yourself to no more than two drinks per day. This is the magic number according to experts, and it will ensure that your body does not become dependent on it. Too much alcohol can have negative effects on the body, especially when consumed in combination with dieting. Drinking too often can lead to a host of problems, including increased cholesterol levels, which in turn leads to heart disease and general obesity.

Another reason to consider drinking a beverage with carbs for weight reduction is the fact that it helps to curb cravings. When you are tired and grumpy, it is almost impossible to resist a chocolate bar or plate of pasta. In the long run, these foods will be less effective in burning fat and calories as compared to a late night binge session. If you want to keep your motivation levels high, then you may resort to alcoholic drinks instead of greasy burgers and fries.

Are the calories in our drinks balanced for us? As much as it may be tempting to consume a healthy drink after a workout, it is important that you limit how much of each food group you include in your weight loss regimen. It may not seem like a big deal, but too many calories in one day can lead to excess weight gain. Drinking an entire can of Horlicks whilst completing a rigorous exercise routine can easily lead to dehydration and even injury. Drinking a small glass of water with every meal can help keep your metabolism up and help you lose unwanted pounds.

Do we get bored with our chosen Horlicks? For a lot of movie lovers, they can become addicting. After finishing the third installment of the Harry Potter series, they may find themselves unable to stop drinking just one glass of milk. The British Film Institute has reported that movie drinking can cause a decrease in alertness and an increase in heart rate, which can result in dizziness and fainting. Over-drinking of certain beverages can also lead to liver damage and high blood pressure.

Do we want to be ‘cool’ by enjoying a nice drink before going to the theatre? Most people who go to see a movie do so because it is something they want to do, and not because it is mandatory. Although it is becoming more socially acceptable to consume some beverages before going to the theatre, if you have gained the weight you need to shed then drinking may be counter-productive to your goal. Drinking should be a reward for enjoying the show and not an excuse to gain a few extra pounds.

Do we want to be ‘cutting edge’ by watching films on DVD? Although there are many benefits to watching films on DVD, some may not be compatible with our busy lives. The average person cannot spend an hour or more each day, watching movies and may not want to cut back on their social life to focus on their film enjoyment.

Can we drink Horlicks for weight loss? The answer is yes! If you enjoy a good movie and are trying to shed a few pounds, then a healthy beverage may be just what you need. Just remember that this only works if you eat healthy foods and exercise regularly.

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