Alpha Levo IQ Scam? Shocking Side Effects Revealed!

Selecting a quality brain supplement is essential and Alpha Levo IQ claim to be exactly that. The question is whether this is yet another substandard supplement marketing empty lies. It is getting rather stressful because at one point you get confused as to what is quality and what is just another scam. All of the websites seem to be quite contradictory, and contrary to popular belief, not all natural ingredients are safe. If you are feeling depressed and distressed due to lack of memory or overall lagging brain function you are not alone. I actually started reviewing these products mainly because I had started feeling anxious, upset, and weary because of my performance at work and the lack of decent products out there to really help me. My problem doesn’t necessarily come from the fact that I am old, being in my mid-thirties, I think I have a lot more to go before I start experiencing such problems. The problems stems from my extended work ours, everyday stress, and in general the food I consume. The result, I feel worthless, ignorant, and sometimes even insane because I forget things that are so simple. Often being misunderstood, which usually puts me in an unfavorable position at work. So, I set out to find a supplement that will perhaps give me some results.

What is Alpha Levo IQ?

This is a natural brain stack that offers an improvement in memory and influences the way you think. It contains several natural ingredients which they claim are exactly what the body needs. It helps provide both mind and body support as the ingredients play prominent roles in herbal medicine. Each ingredient has shown a lot of promise in improving a number of problematic conditions. The brain support amplification matrix that they are offering is specifically designed to aid in brain support and boosting its natural function. Designed by leading scientists it is follows the latest discoveries in brain research and gives your brain the nutrients and oxygen it needs to function more efficiently.

The Problem with the Website

Although the Alpha Levo IQ website seems very modern and seems to provide a lot of information, in fact, this is far from the truth. What really annoys me is the fact that they actually provide even less information than most of the scams I have revealed so far. This makes me very angry because you cannot advertise something claiming it’s so fantastic only to provide no reliable information to back these claims. The fail in providing any links or even further information about the ingredients. Although I fear that this could be yet another scam I shall continue. I am worried that if I do not take something to improve my memory and concentration it will prove to be detrimental to my career. The sad part is that many people fall for websites like these even with the lack of real information. It is very unwise to order something without really knowing what it will do, and the information provided here is simply unsatisfactory. However, I do not want to turn this into a negative review as my goal is to simply provide information and allow you to decide for yourself. What makes me unhappy with the website also has its upside. The website has skipped over all of the marketing spam which usually leaves me enraged. Even though it is imperfect, it does stick to the point and doesn’t waste your time with excess banal content which simply wastes your time. It’s impossible to please everyone after all.

The Ingredients in Alpha Levo IQ

Even though I was bad that they did not provide a decent list of ingredients, or better yet a supplement facts, they did give some insight as to the ingredients in the product.

  • Ginseng – this ingredient is used regularly for a variety of problems including Alzheimer’s disease, improving mental function, and a number of sexually related issues. It is still being researched for age related memory loss and more. It is considered safe when taken short-term but could be harmful when taken long-term in high doses. There are also some unwelcome side effects.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – it is known to aid in reducing anxiety and improving mental function among other problems. Though considered very effective when it comes to brain function it does have some questionable side effects. Also keep in mind the possible allergic reactions and that it has been shown to be damaging to the liver in animal tests.
  • Huperzine – it is used for both dementia as well as improving memory among other issues which it is still being researched. It is considered safe when taken for less than 3 months but does have some side effects associated with it.
  • Vitamin B – has numerous great benefits, not necessarily concerning the brain but rather the body and function in general. It is considered safe.
  • Zinc – again has numerous great benefits concerning overall health and poses no serious side effects or threats.

The ingredients in the supplement seem quite promising. Unfortunately, due to the lack of information on doses there is no guarantee that they can cause more damage than good. It would be dreadful to end up causing yourself more problems than solving them. The good thing is that in most cases supplements tend to under dose rather than overdose such ingredients. Though initially I felt rather pessimistic about this product, the ingredients are definitely effective for the issues I am experiencing, the question is whether I will feel more lousy physically because of them.

How to Buy Alpha Levo IQ

Interestingly enough, they are quite straightforward about the prices which is a good sign. There is no information missing when it comes to their openness about the prices and terms. The prices aren’t so terrible and if the supplement is effective could prove to be quite acceptable. I am tired of feeling stupid and sorry for myself every time I catch myself forgetting things, so it could be worth it.

  • 1 Month Supply – $69.00
  • 3 Month Supply – $177.00
  • 6 Month Supply – $294.00

Just remember that some of the ingredients are not recommended for long-term use so make sure you carefully choose which option to purchase. I highly recommend you start with a 1 month supply to make sure you do not experience any adverse side effects and that you do not get any unpleasant surprises. No one wants to feel sick or get a shocking reality check that the supplement that was supposed to make them feel better made them ill. Of course, this is exactly why I highly recommend you speak with your doctor before taking this or any other supplement. Overall, it is scary to start feeling the symptoms of a deteriorating memory due to stress. It is hard not to feel rejected or frightened when you feel like you have lost control. I can’t deny that I am intrigued by this product, but I don’t want to undermine my problem and will speak with a doctor first about the ingredients and whether they are right for me. It is unfair, but for many the Alpha Levo IQ could be the answer.

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