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Honest Push Money App Review: Read Before you Invest

If you are considering investing in a get rich quick software such as the Push Money App make sure you are well acquainted with what you are getting yourself into. Though some of these systems are actually somewhat effective, never believe you will become a millionaire overnight, many do nothing more than seek out new and innovative ways to rob you of your money. With rush tactics to get you to sign up quickly without thinking, exaggerations, and straight up lies, these scam artist thrive on people looking for a better and more comfortable life.

Product Name: Push Money App

Niche: Binary Options Software

CEO: Dennis Moreland

Official Copy Buffett Software Website: pushmoneyapp.com

Minimum Deposit: $250

Claimed Profit: $1000 in the first hour and $10,000 in 4 hours

There are numerous scams out there and the best way to protect yourself from them is knowledge. They all seem very promising judging by their videos with lots of proof of how amazing the software is and how numerous people stand behind it, but in reality many of them do not have any real testimonials, the images of bank accounts are photoshopped, and you see only actors and no one real in any of the videos. With that said, breaking down every single software down to every nut and bolt is the key to really protecting yourself and understanding what to expect.

About the Push Money App

This is yet another binary options software scam that claims you will be rich in no time and you don’t have to do a thing. In reality, it is nothing more than another way to get you to hand over your hard-earned money and then forget about it because you will never get rich from this and you will never get your money back. The software is developed in order to do binary options trading for you via an automated robot. All you do is sign up and make a deposit where the minimum is $250 regardless how they make it seem that it is absolutely free.

This software offers you an opportunity to get into binary options regardless of your knowledge of the stock market. They claim that through their software you literarily do absolutely nothing and it makes money for you while running in the background. The software offers two options, automated and manual, for trading. There are three steps to getting started:

1 – Provide your name and email

2 – Enter your full contact information and password to create an account with the software

3 – Create open an account with their preferred broker and make a deposit

Even though throughout the videos and website they claim that the software is completely free, make sure you understand that this is for binary options. When it comes to binary options or the stock market in general, there is no way to make money without an investment. In this case the minimum investment is $250. Once you have made your deposit you are ready to get started. The software is made to be very simple and all you do is click on the Auto option, select the amount invested on each trade (suggested $25), and then it will pick up the 3rd party signals and do the trading automatically for you.

Now, the developer of this software claims that you will be making amazing amounts of money. He openly states that within the first hour of signing up with the software you will make upwards of $1000 which is quite a big jump. One thing he does not make clear though is whether this is the amount you will make with the minimum deposit of $250. If that is the case, at investment amounts per trade of $25 for you to make a profit of $1000 the app needs to make at least 40 trades for you. Considering that the broker keeps at least 5-10% of your earnings and the fact that they claim that within 4 hours you will be making $10,000 it all seems a bit too good to be true. These numbers are nearly impossible, not to mention that there is no guarantee or even a real chance of you actually making 40 trades without a single loss. Whatever way you look at it, it’s certainly either a major exaggeration or the initial investment is far more than claimed and the investment per trade is upwards of $100.

What Worries Me with the Push Money App

There are certain things that really bother me with these websites. Though they don’t necessarily prove that they are a complete scam, they do prove that they are being dishonest to an extent. This means that if they find it so easy to lie to you about one thing, they could easily be lying about everything else.

The official video certainly has a lot more money poured into it than most other binary option software videos. Though it is obvious that they are all actors, at least they have taken the time to make the video professionally and present you with as much information as possible about the software and what to expect. Here are some other things that worry me with the video:

The Push Money App Video:

Though done professionally, the video poses some serious questions. I have seen in the past how this particular house has actually been used in other binary options software videos. The same identical house was the home of another binary options guru that promises big money and great profits. This leads me to one of two conclusions. Either both software and websites are developed and marketed by one individual or the house is a popular rental for making promotional videos. Either way, it is deceiving and though they attempt to make it seem as if they are transparent about their actions and software, it is far from that.

The Testimonials:

There are a number of testimonials throughout the vide, phone calls, and images of people saying how great this software is. Of course, I really hope you are not believing even one. It’s rather unfortunate that they have decided to continue with these blatant lies and not just give straightforward information. It is very well known that on this and even numerous big company legitimate websites that the testimonials are nothing more than a marketing trick to give you some comfort that others have tried it and are happy. It does nothing more than prove yet again that they are being dishonest.

Every single one of the video testimonials are also very cheap Fiverr actors that are hired online to do a quick video and send it over. The actors are famous among these websites, and if you have visited several others you will surely see some familiar faces.

Push for Time:

Getting you to worry about losing your opportunity and shuffling to quickly sign up is one of the main marketing tactics of these types of websites. I want to reassure you that regardless what they say and regardless of their claims that there are only a few spots available and you will lose this opportunity if you do not act now, you have absolutely nothing to worry. There are no only few selected that are allowed in this software and even if you go in the website in a month you will still be pushed for time with claims that there are hundreds of people currently looking at the website and waiting to claim your spot. The goal of this is to keep you from researching and finding out more about the software. Also, they want to make sure that you sign up with them and not another software that is pushing the exact same marketing schemes.

The Developer:

We are given several names given in the video. The most important one is the developer Dennis Moreland. This man is meant to be the face and the name of this software and obviously a very successful and popular individual. Unfortunately though, this face and this name do not match anywhere else online except for the affiliate positive reviews that have completely taken over the internet. This is common and in many cases they cover their tracks and the real developer of such software is kept in the dark, for whatever reason. Still, deceiving the visitors of the website with a bad actor instead of being transparent and really giving you some peace when investing with them.

Inconsistencies with Dates:

In many of the stills from bank statements or history of the software showing only wins go quite a ways back. The website onto which the software runs was registered in early January. If you take a look at some of these stills and dates from examples of wins and successful trades you will notice that some go way back, and these are deposits, which means that this is money accumulated over time, pushing it even further back. Considering the software wasn’t even running yet it’s rather questionable if they are being honest.

The Verdict on the Push Money App

I don’t want to say that this is a scam because I have not invested my money into it and cannot make claims of something that I cannot show real proof. Unfortunately though, they certainly are far from transparent and their exaggerated claims are a bit over the top. I wouldn’t expect the results they are claiming but if you can even get half the results they claim it’s a good deal so do more research on the Push Money App and do not invest until you are 100% sure it’s not a scam.


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