Pearl-E-Whites Review: Get the Smile of a Star? Let’s Hope So!

Ok, so I came upon the official Pearl-E-Whites website the other day and thought it was quite interesting. I haven’t looked into tooth whitening products for quite some time. I had some trouble in the past with them, especially when they were a big hit a couple of years back, and never thought about them again. Randomly catching sight of this website I decided that perhaps it could prove to be interesting to check out the product.

I am a smoker, about 1-2 packs a day, drink coffee extensively as I work long hours and well after dark, and in general, the overall appearance of my teeth is rather frightening. I have tried toothpastes and home remedies but no real results. Now, if this really does deliver, why not?

What is the Pearl-E-Whites?

This is the latest product for whitening your teeth. It comes in the form of a gel inside a small pen which you apply direct onto your teeth and they claim in turn, they turn white. There is very little information on the official website, which is rather disappointing. I was hoping to read about how the product works, what’s inside it, and well, how long until I see some real results.

They go on and on with marketing and forget about the information with these types of websites. What they do note is that it will help reduce your costly dental visits and helps in the removal of plaque which is key for me. The comfortable pent in which the product comes inside makes application very easy and you can get it all done and over with within up to 60 seconds. The product doesn’t exclusively whiten, but also polishes so you actually can get professional results at home. Of course, this does seem a little shady and perhaps a little exaggerated, but even partial professional results at home will be good enough for me.

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Why you Teeth are Yellow

Well, although I know why my teeth are yellow, certainly most people had no idea that tea was one of the leading sources. The top three though are:

  • Tea – though it does not stain the teeth direct, it does stain the dental plaque which is on top of teeth. If you do not brush your teeth regularly the stain will continue to penetrate and reach the tooth where it discolors it causing an ugly yellow color.
  • Smoking – I think everyone that smokes knows well enough that this nasty habit causes your teeth to be yellow. This is because of the tar and nicotine inside cigarettes and their ability to build up onto your teeth gradually. Thus, the longer you smoke, the more yellow your teeth are.
  • Coffee – contrary to popular belief, technically, the color of the coffee isn’t the culprit, though it really is what stains. The reason your teeth stain from coffee though is because of the caffeine and the roughness of coffee onto your teeth and enamel. Once weakened because of the coffee the stain from the color starts to set in and penetrate into the tooth.

Using the Pearl-E-Whites

I think this is what made me fall in love with this product. I am quite impressed with how quickly they claim that it works. Now, is it true? Does it taste absolutely horrible? Is it really possible? I don’t know, but sounds good.

Step 1 – Rotate the pen at the bottom and click to dispense the gel from the other end after drying teeth.

Step 2 – Apply the gel directly onto your teeth and then for 30-60 seconds keep your lips from touching your teeth. (ok, that does sound a bit uncomfortable)

Step 3 – Rinse your mouth in about 15 minutes and avoid drinking or eating for at least an hour.

Seems simple enough, but surely, I think it may sound easier than done. How time consuming can it be to apply this to all of your teeth? How comfortable would it be? The taste? In general it sounds great but the lack of information drives me nuts.

Buying Pearl-E-Whites

Here is where they lost me. You simply provide your contact information and you are taken to the purchase page. Here you are told that you only pay for shipping and will get a full 30-day supply sent over to you. There is no information about the trial, the duration of the trial, or the actual cost of the product except for real tiny font at the very bottom.

Here I learned that this product has a 14-day trial. Once the trial is over you will be charged $119.38 and signed up for auto-shipping, which means you will be charged this amount every month and will receive a new supply every month. You can call +1 (866)321-4178 anytime to cancel this trial or to stop receiving new supply.

The price to me seems a bit outrageous, no matter how effective the product may be. Also, I am not a fan of trial offers and if perhaps they were a bit more open about the terms I would have considered ordering just to try it out. The hassle, however, of returning such trial offers is too much and I do not feel like deal with it, even for this review.

In Conclusion….

They have not provided any sort of information about this product. In reality, the only thing that is useful is the information on how to apply and the fact that it cleans plaque and whitens. There is a link at the very bottom of the official website which I thought perhaps was for a study of one of the ingredients but it is a “Statement on the Safety and Effectiveness of Tooth Whitening Products”. Though useful in general, it really do nothing for me here considering I cannot read through all of the ingredients which drives me nuts.

I think that this product may be effective, there is no way to find out without trying.  Considering that it has a free trial offer and if you are intrigued by it as I was, order, but make sure you are well aware of the terms for ordering the Pearl-E-Whites product.

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