Nitric Storm

Finding the right pre-workout supplement is essential so when you visit the Nitric Storm website you are immediately drawn by the promised benefits and how absolutely amazing it is. Or at least, how absolutely amazing they claim it to be. There are new supplements being released every single day and unfortunately, many of them are scams. Many lack any real information about the supplement especially a decent list of ingredients and have shady tactics to get you to order and continue to charge you without your knowledge. If you are well aware of what to expect and know the ingredients you will be able to choose wiser and really decide whether this is the product for you.


What is Nitric Storm?

I came upon this supplement via a friend that said he is considering it. Of course, with my experience with supplements I told him to wait until I have really looked into it. This is a pre-workout supplement developed to improve your overall results and the energy needed to take on your workout. It helps improve your performance and reduce fatigue so as to ensure you get the maximum from your efforts. The key here, it ensures you are able to give it your all so as to get better and faster results.

If you have been slacking lately or feel that you are too tired to workout then perhaps a quality pre-workout supplement is for you. The official website actually lacks a lot of quality information such as how exactly it works and who it is for. Also, instructions for taking the supplement are missing as well. So, overall, the information I can share with you is rather limited. The good thing? They give you not only a list of ingredients but also a supplement facts which is absolute key when selecting a supplement.


What is in Nitric Storm?

The one good thing about this website, as it lacks information in general, is the fact that there really is a list of ingredients as well as a supplement facts sheet which gives you details as to the doses and inactive ingredients. The doses are key because usually they are rarely given as most of these supplements have “Proprietary Blends” which combine all the ingredients in one dose thus not disclosing how much of each ingredient is in the supplement. They claim to do this because they want to keep their formula secret, but the truth is that in most cases it’s because the ingredients are under-dosed and in turn, ineffective.


I also want to add a bit of information on each ingredient as well as provide you with a link to continue your research so as to make a wiser decision.

  • L-Arginine – There is still research on whether it really is effective in improving exercise performance but today most pre and post-workout supplements have this ingredient in their formula. It is claimed to possibly increase exercise time. With that said, it has been proven to improve sexual function in men and it may improve blood flow. Although safe it may cause several side effects including diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, blood abnormalities, gout, and more. The 500 mg a day is a bit low but within reasonable dose.
  • L-Norvaline – This ingredient is taken mainly to improve the growth of muscles as it is important in pre-workouts as well as nitric oxide. It works perfect with L-Arginine as it helps inhibit arginase thus allowing you to have stronger and longer pumps and have more power combined with recovery ability. Some studies show it can improve pumps by 60%. The problem is the possible side effects especially if you already experience low blood pressure as this ingredient actually lowers blood pressure when it relaxes blood vessels. Possible side effects if you have normal or low blood pressure are dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and lightheadedness. For the most part though, you shouldn’t experience these side effects.
  • Citrulline – Although I have seen this ingredient in nearly every single other supplement for improving exercise performance  it is actually still being researched and not yet scientifically proven. It may be effective in improving exercise performance. There are no noted side effects.
  • Caffeine – All of us know the great benefits of caffeine and its ability to wake us up, reduce our migraines, improving mental alertness, as well as, of course, athletic performance. It may increase physical strength and endurance while delaying exhaustion. Of course, too much caffeine has its downside which is why it’s important to be well aware of how much is in the supplement. The dose of caffeine in Nitric Storm is actually half of one large cup of brewed coffee so it is enough to give you a boost but will not leave you jittery.

Overall, the doses were a bit low to my liking, but in some cases it was actually a good thing, as in with caffeine. I think that the combination of ingredients in the formula can actually be quite effective in a pre-workout supplement as long as you don’t mind some of the possible side effects.


How to Buy Nitric Storm

This is where they kind of turned me off from this product. What I liked is that it is easily visible that it’s only a trial and the terms of this trial. You order a 30 day bottle and pay only $5.94 for a 15 day trial. On the 15th day you will be charged the full price of $94.67 if you do not call and cancel before that. You will continue to receive a new 30 day supply every month and charged accordingly until you call and cancel.

Should you Order Nitric Storm?

Although generally I would consider products offered only through a Trial to be scams, I do appreciate the fact that it’s obvious that it’s only a short term trial and they are trying to provide the necessary information up front instead of hiding it like others do. The ingredients are proven to be quite effective which makes Nitric Storm an interesting option for a pre-workout supplement just make sure you research it further and speak with your doctor before ordering.

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