Honest Review of Derma Pro Medics: Really the New Magic Age Reversal Cream? Find out here!

There are numerous products out there that offer the same or similar benefits as Derma Pro Medics. Today many companies are investing in research and development of such products because the race for the perfect cream that proves to truly work is still on. Unfortunately, many of these companies are developing less than perfect product and relying solely on marketing rather than quality and these are the ones you must look out for. The best way to find out if the product you are considering is to find out as much as possible about it.

About Derma Pro Medics

This product is advertised as an all-natural cream which has the ability to reduce the density of wrinkles by 37%. It is claimed to also reduce wrinkle volume by up to 18.5% and reduce overall surface wrinkles by 44.9%. Although this all sounds quite promising, it is rather unfortunate that they do not provide any links to back these claims. Although the numbers look great it would have been great to be able to confirm them and read further into how they came to these conclusions.

All of this is possible through the natural boost of collagen production. It is important to know that one collagen is very important as it aids on smoothing out skin and making it. Collagen production reduces gradually every year as you age and over time this causes your skin to lose its youthful glow and wrinkles begin to form.

Of course, like all other similar product websites, they claim to be the best out there. All great but it’s certainly nothing new here. The ingredients of all similar products consists of moisturizing agents and vitamins that guarantee flexibility and smoothness of the skin and prevent flaking. Wrinkles are reduced by the skin gently being pulled and smoothing out its surface.


Why Derma Pro Medics

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to this product, but honestly, they haven’t changed much from what I’ve read in many other similar websites. All of the benefits are great, really, and I think we all dream of product that can achieve this, but without proof they are nothing more than words on a website.

  • Smoother Lines
  • Refreshes Skin Tone
  • Improves Eye Puffiness
  • Reduces Dark Circles Around Eyes
  • Large Pore Reducer
  • Maintains Moisture

The product is very simple to use, just wash face before bed and use a gentle cleanser. Remove your makeup and be sure that you pat dry after. Following this simply apply the Derma Pro Medics product to the face and neck evenly while massaging it in gently. Once the product is absorbed it starts working. They claim that there are instant benefits but really not sure how fast these results would be.

Although they claim that there are clinically proven benefits, they fail to actually provide the clinical studies except for the Matrixyl 3000, and I am almost certain that these benefits come not only from this sole ingredient. Of course, they make sure to touch upon how Hollywood stars and models rely on products that have the same ingredients to look beautiful on the runway, but if you just scan over the website you will be left with the impression that it is this same product that they use and promote.

What is in Derma Pro Medics

It’s rather unfortunate that the website was actually doing pretty well in terms of providing information only to realize they do not have a list of ingredients. This is a big no-no for me and a big downfall of this website because the only researchable and essential information in such websites is exactly that, the ingredients. The only information I found was a link to a study of Matrixyl 3000 and nothing more. As I was 100% certain there was more to it I did further research.

On a 3rd party website I was able to find a partial list of the ingredients. Now, not only do they not provide a full list, but as it is a 3rd party there is no way to confirm whether this information really is true. There are still more ingredients that I am certain are in this product but they are not listed. They do want to make sure to note that there are no synthetics or artificial fillers in the product which at least is good.

Matrixyl 3000 – This is the ingredient that was listed in the official website. The study states that this ingredient triggers fibroblasts which are essential in ensuring that the collagen production is proper and continuous.

Retinyl Palmitate –A vitamin A, this ingredient that is very beneficial for the skin and is quickly and easily absorbed allowing for quick penetration.

Matrikines –A messenger of certain molecules, this ingredient, aids in the regulation of activities of skin cells.

Unfortunately, only these three ingredients were listed. The good thing is that all three are considered safe and quite effective which is a good sign for this product.

How to Purchase Derma Pro Medics

Aside from the list of ingredients, this is another important part of the website when deciding whether to purchase a product. You must pay close attention to this part of the website in order to prevent unwarranted charges and in turn, getting scammed.

You can purchase this product by means of their free trial offer. This is by paying the shipping of $4.95 and receiving a 30 day supply of the product. The important thing to remember is that you have only 14 days to use the product and decide whether you like it and actually purchase it. You can call and cancel within this timeframe and return the remainder of the 30-day supply. If you feel that it is effective on the 14th day your card will be charged $129.00 for the full 30-day supply. You are also signed up for their auto-shipping program where you will receive a new supply, and charged accordingly, every month. You can call 855-412-1064 to cancel your trial at any time.

Considering the listed ingredients that I found I think that Derma Pro Medics could be an effective product and considering how quickly they claim it works, you should have plenty of time during the trial to see if it is for you. Just make sure you are well aware of the terms before buying so you do not get any surprise charges.


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