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Honest Copy Buffett Software Review: Get the Facts Before you Invest

Recently I visited the Copy Buffett Software website to see what they’ve got to offer. With so many scams out there I think it’s clear that I am rather skeptical with this website and any others similar to it. Binary options are a very attractive way to make easy money, but in reality, this is only if you really know what you are doing. I honestly do not believe there is a software out there that can really give you results such as those advertised in this or any other similar website.

Product Name: Copy Buffett Software

Niche: Binary Options Software

CEO: Jeremy Fin

Official Website:

Minimum Deposit: $250

Claimed Daily Profit: Nearly $2000

Cost of Software: Free

The important thing to remember is to do proper research when it comes to this or any other similar website. Regardless show genuine and legitimate they may seem there is always a catch and they are usually exaggerating. The changes of becoming a millionaire with such software are close to none, but if you are one of the lucky few and the software you have selected isn’t developed specifically to make you lose your money you can make some decent money from your investment. The important thing to remember is that you absolutely must do research and never trust anything you read online entirely.

About the Copy Buffett Software

There is very little different between this binary options software and the next. This is a software claimed to be the masterpiece of Jeremy Fin who studied the trading and investment structure and practices of Warren Buffett. After working as a top software developer over the last 18 years for some of Silicone Valleys major enterprises. When he heard about Warren Buffett he became obsessed with learning everything there is about him and the way he has earned his money. He then used the information to create a software that copies the way Warren Buffett invests.

The software was developed by a team of professionals that were able to develop a special algorithm which mimics the math genius of Warren Buffett in combination with his other traits as a great investor. In the end, they came up with a software which can earn you up to $1,970 average profit every day.

It is repeated numerous times how this is all absolutely free, which technically, it is. Unfortunately, what he misses to point out is the investment part. Binary options require that you invest before you can start earning. If this is the first time you hear of binary options then I highly recommend you do research and learn about them before continuing with this or any binary options software. Regardless the fact that they advertise a software that is fully automated and doesn’t require for you to do a thing, you will want to gain enough knowledge to know what is going on and also to catch if you are being scammed. The minimum deposit for this website is $250, though I have noticed that this and other similar websites change brokers regularly so this initial deposit may change. You will use the software and its benefits for up to 30 days absolutely free, from that point on you will become a partner and share 5% of your profit with the developers of the system while keeping 95%.

On one hand, this last part really does make it seem like a far more reliable software than the rest, however, this does not necessarily mean its 100% scam free. In many cases I have seen similar offers where you have to pay a very small percent to the broker or software developer after a certain period of time. Usually these small payments are presented not necessarily because the software is reliable and they want to take their cut but because exactly that, it makes the whole thing seem a lot more legitimate.

Dissection of the Copy Buffett Software Website

Regardless how legitimate the whole thing seems from the moment you land on the homepage, I highly recommend you look it over closer. It all seems very promising and though they use the common marketing schemes most other similar websites use, they have kept it to a minimum and don’t try to be too pushy. But claiming you will become a millionaire is one thing, making you one is a whole other ballgame.

There is no way for you to become a millionaire with binary options overnight, especially through a software such as this. If you really want to make real money with binary options learn about them, study them, follow the market, risk, and hope for the best because it’s a 50/50 chance. Only few people out there really make the grand money everyone is talking about. The software may do all the trading for you, but it certainly will not give you the wins they claim because no software out there can make such claims.

Here are several things that have made an impression on the website. These are points which really bother me and really put me in a position to think that this software exaggerates nearly everything and uses tactics to deceive you as to the possibilities.

In the News

There are a number of News Articles in the official Copy Buffett Software website. These articles make it seem as is this software has anything to do with the news posted. In fact, the only thing connecting them is the fact that the name of the software contains the name Buffett and it is claimed that they copy his investment and trading practices.

This website has never and most likely will never be mentioned in the news. No one has really, genuinely come out claiming they have become millionaires using this software, and certainly not in the news.

The Testimonials

A common practice with similar websites is adding a number of written testimonials as well as video testimonials into their website in order to prove to you the amazing results possible. Unfortunately all of the images of the individuals claiming to be earning with this product are fake, stolen from individual’s accounts, or stock images. The videos of testimonials are of actors, nearly all from Fiverr, that are paid to read a script. Names and faces do not match, and most certainly, the results do not either.

This is a practice common among nearly all similar software websites and even some major companies which is to no surprise to anyone. Just make sure that if you want to get real feedback on a software you do real research in forums where real binary option traders discuss software and tactics.

Claims of No Risk

This is the most common and most deceivable claim in all of these websites. The Copy Buffett Software website certainly doesn’t lack this problem with promises with guaranteed wins and profits. There is one thing you should absolutely remember when it comes to binary options: THERE IS A RISK. Period. You select between two possibilities, whether an asset will go up or down during the given time. If you select correctly you win, if it doesn’t you lose. The stock market fluctuates constantly and there are so many things that affect it that even the most advanced algorithm cannot predict which way it will go. No one can give you any guarantee of profit or guarantee that there is no risk. Ask the numerous people that have already lost.

The Videos

You can see all three videos here (Video 1, Video 2, Video 3). One thing consistent with these three videos is the same bad actor with his relatively unbelievable promises. Obviously, all of these websites, both legitimate and scams, use actors for their promotional videos. I have no problem with this, but don’t claim to be the CEO and developer of the software. The individual behind this software as portrayed in these videos does not exist. You can look for him as much as you like online, social media profiles, work history, anything. You will come up emptyhanded. Real information would make any of these videos seem far more legitimate and a lot more people would be open to even considering their software. It is difficult to believe you are not going get robbed if the person claiming there is no risk simply does not exist.

The Final Verdict

I have a very hard time believing in any of the binary options software mainly because of their extensive use of marketing and lack of information. They provide nothing in terms of information and transparency yet they expect you to invest a not so small sum of at least $250. Though for some this may not be much but mainly for those looking for software to make them money this kind of investment is quite a lot. It’s definitely not pocket change.

Take this knowledge and continue researching this software to see if it really is for you. Check their current broker and match their charts against trusted charts. Read into more reviews and testimonials (avoid the first 2 pages filled with affiliate reviews), and participate in binary option forums so as to learn as much as possible about the safest ways to make money online.

I have provided you with more than enough information to get you started and perhaps give you some insight into the concerns I have with the website and software. Research is key when it comes to the Copy Buffett Software and any other binary options software out there.

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